http://praguepokerfestival.comUnderstanding How Online Poker Site Program Software Works. Obviously, there are several differences in the online poker room and in the live poker casino. Most of these differences are easy to see and transparent to open source poker. However, many contrasts are not visible or appear while playing online poker. The main difference between online poker and poker in a real casino are the cards and the way they are delivered to the player.

The fact of playing in a live casino offers great advantages, since the integrity of the game is rarely questioned, since shuffling, business and the “eye in the sky” make the game fair and it is almost impossible to compromise this integrity. However, online poker lacks many of these remedies for the player, since the computer program manages to shuffle and work with cards.

Therefore, understanding how poker indonesia software works is crucial for any player who wants to invest in an online poker account in the hope of creating a bankroll and withdrawing money. Just because if you understand how the software works, you can be sure that you are not exposed to the illegal attempts of other players, poker rooms or even software to cheat you of your hard earned money.

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All online poker sites use a variation of the random number generator to create a shuffled deck.

While this may seem sufficient, many times in recent years, these random-playing algorithms were broken, and then gave cheaters the opportunity to use the game and other players. The discovery of the scammers by the affected poker sites led them to create additional poker algorithms to avoid fraud and collusion attempts.

These algorithms will control the action of the table to ensure that a player can not win every hand, as was the case with the Absolute Poker scandal. In this case, a player won almost 98% of all hands in a major tournament, beating several hundred other players. It is mathematically impossible to win all the combinations in a tournament and, therefore, the software is installed in the poker sites to prevent this from happening.


In addition, online poker software programs can detect a player who can agree with another player and, therefore, the program has the ability to change the outcome of the cards so that the player does not win. The same software also allows you to detect poker bots. In the case of bot poker, the software will take into account the action of each individual player and logically compare it to determine if the player is really a bot or a real person.